Do It Yourself Wall Art

Everyone certainly has desire to beauty their wall house. Usually homeowners will focus on furniture decoration but they forget about the important of wall decoration. Wall Decoration is an art to decorate the walls of the house that looks so appealing. One of the important things in decorating the walls is to decorate it with beautiful wall stickers.
Is your wall is plain? Do you confuse how to fill that space? Using wallpaper is one solution that can be considered, but it will spend a lot of money. Looking for wall hangings that can be used as wall art is not easy. But if you get goods and materials that suit on your wall, that can you use to decorate your wall. Have do you think to decorate your wall with your own creation? You can use recycle goods to make wall art that’s not usual on your home. 

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Decorating the room does not have to be expensive. can use the material around to make appropriate wall decoration that you want. Not only save costs, but also will feel satisfied to see objects homemade results. You don’t need to buy new one. Do it yourself wall art!
Flower is one of thing that so beautiful and liked many people. Because of its beauty, it often used as instrument to decorate room. Native flowers or plastic flowers can be placed in the pot, vase, jar, or other objects. But, we can also create their own flower-themed ornaments. One is wall art with beautiful paper flower.

Materials and tools required:
  • Thin fabric, crepe paper, tissue paper, or other thin object 
  • Scissors 
  • Thread mattress 
  • Thick paper (can be cardboard, box former box, or other) 
  • Glue shooting
How to make it:
  1. Cut the cloth or paper became square pieces. The bigger of pieces so the flower size also bigger. Take two pieces of that same size and color and then stacked, then take one piece of a smaller size put on top. Shape the papers stack by folding like placemat repellent or a hand fan. Flip the middle of it with fingers. 
  2.  Take the mattress threads and tie the center of the cloth or paper with a toned and cut the rest of the thread 
  3.  By using scissors, form a pile of cloth or paper side became like a half circle. 
  4.  Slowly and with feeling, squeeze the stack of paper by using a finger. Do not be hard, because it can cause the fabric or paper damaged. 
  5.  After crumpled, bend cloth or paper up, still slowly. 
  6.  For making perfect flowers shape we can create it by using scissor and then cut slightly on   the outside of the flower. 
  7.  Make a flower like real with fingers. 
  8. Take heavy paper, then cut into round shape. Stick it on the back of flowers with glue firing. and attach it to the place you want.
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After completion of the paper flowers, you can make other flowers with different colors. Their beauty, will be able to make the room became cheerful, brightly colored. How simple and practical do it yourself wall art. Hope it is useful.