How to Choose Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

The interior design is one of the important factors to make house looked more comfortable, beautiful and lush. That is why many people who eventually dabble create their house without a guide or reference, and as a result is that many of them were already wrong in determining the type and size appropriate furniture. And not a few of them are actually even get results that are not in line with expectations, even worse, it looks messy. This can be exacerbated by the condition of the house with small living room. Moreover, for those who live in the big cities who mostly use the concept of minimalist homes due to limited land area, minimalist home tends to be regarded as one of the best solutions for occupancy.
Living room is a place where you receive guests, so you could say living room is the first impression people about your house. A beautiful living room design would give more effect to the guests who come to your home. Living room is not always synonymous with a space large enough as was frequently published in magazines or TV. Small living room can also be transformed into more beautiful with simple minimalist design that is sure to be liked by everyone.

Living room furniture is a basic requirement because living room is the main place for guests haven. To make living room more comfortable, furniture is the most important thing that must be met. Selecting of living room furniture also not be arbitrary because we have to be able to match the design of living room with furniture that will be used. Here are tips you can do to choose a living room furniture for small spaces.

Measure The Room Space
The best thing you can do in decorating a living room furniture for small spaces is the selection of a compatible with the size of your living room. Before buying furniture, first make sure you have measured the area of the room or empty spaces are still available in the living room. Do not impose furniture with a large size in the narrow room because it will feel full living room, crowded and cluttered with all sorts of furniture that is not obvious size and concept.

Use Two Small Benches In Small Living Room
If you are confused to put a large table in the middle of the room, try replacing it with two small bench (ottoman) that put together to form a coffe table. Besides being used as a table, you also can use it as additional seating.

Put Two Small Desk
You can also put two small tables, they have the same effect as well as to save space.

Use Invisible Glass Tables
If by using two small tables or two small benches can make you save space, so if you use a translucent furniture such as glass table, you can create the illusion of space that feels more spacious.

Use Bright Color Painting In Your Small Living Room
You can give larger space illusion if you use a painting in your living room. Especially if you use bright colors.

Use Open Layout For Small Living Room
After some tricks such as the selection of furniture, table invisibility, up to a bright painting. The best trick to overcome living room furniture for small spaces is using an open layout. The point is there is no barrier between living room with other rooms. Survey says cause of living room feel cramped due to the constraints in the room such as a wall or large-sized cabinets.