Painting Ideas for Living Room Walls

Many ways to beautify your living room, start by using wallpaper, clocks and other accessories. One way that many used to add beauty to the bare walls is adding some photo frame or painting on it. There utilizing the photos, there is also putting a lot of photos to create mini gallery. But in modern design, preferably using a painting frame appropriate to theme space. There are various ways to locate and set the frame that you will see.
Picture frame can be used to decorate the room and show multiple photos at the same time. It is also a good way to store memories and reminiscent of earlier times. As we said before, we'll show you how a painting ideas for living room walls. This will give you an idea of how to put a minimalist frame to get the kind of look you want. 
  • Choose a landscape image that contrasts with the color around and place it in the corner. Thus will be interesting eyes toward the area and also around the room. 
  • Black and white looked so good in the living room. Framed photographs are also made with black and white. Black frame with white borders creates a coherent look. 
  • A neat modern living room with picture frames in various sizes. The frames are positioned in ways that make it seem abstract. 
  • Black and white themed photographs mounted on a black wall of darkness. Thus it would make more striking white color, and explain the content of the painting. 
  • Talking about love for the arts, living room can display frames with paintings of high artistic value in it. Painting not only on the wall, but on the floor as well to add flavor elegance. 
  • You do not have to always use large-sized frame. Small frames also looks beautiful, use a different size is a good way to decorate minimalist wall. 
  • Multi photo canvas is an arrangement of several paintings that still have relationships to each other. You can try to put this type of painting in your living room. 
  • Distribution of the picture frame in the living room so balanced, allowing eyes to look around the room which has a variety of unique furniture. 
  • If your living room does not have a lot of empty space on the wall but you want to put a painting, a simple frame displayed on the shelves can be an option. 
  • Painting is placed in the corner of the room may not be so striking when you first entered the living room. But each person must be seen because using bright white color. This painting can make space appear more simple atmosphere. 
  • To create a balance, two images placed on either side of the television. Although abstract paintings, but it seemed very clear because the walls are gray. 
  • Black and white is a favorite subject for a picture frame. We do not need to use a color photo in black and white because it looked amazing. 
  • A framed photo collage individually all over the walls. Large frame Size that is consistent with the size of the rooms were great as well.
You just see a different approach in placing the painting ideas for living room walls. You may see not so much the painting is used. Number of paintings adapted to the size of the room. You can do the same for your own living room.