Modern Christmas Décor

As we know, Christmas is a Christians’ feast. At Christmas, most families, will spend their time to celebrate with their family. Its not necessary the luxurious but the most important thing is home atmosphere therefore simple but can bring you and your family to feel the real meaning of Christmas. On this feast, here is the habit of decorating the house to celebrate Christmas. Decorating the house certainly done by using ornaments and accessories with chrismas theme. There are Santa Claus dool, beautiful candles until Christmas wreath and gold and silver ribbons. At this day also identically with gifts, Christmas tree and snowy. 
Maybe you feel bored with your Christmas décor from year to year. You think that there aren’t anything new. Your decorative just same and it also will make guess come to your house feel usual. Like nothing special in special day. Perhaps you need to try something new. That’s modern christmas décor

INTERIOR Christmas is not always to be dominated by the green color of the pine tree with red and white accents of berries and snow. Any concept can be applied to decorate the welcome home celebration of Christmas. Modern christmas décor are displayed contemporary impressed at once ethnic in cheerful shades. Sofa two flashlights and a pair of black arm chair with ottoman silver engraved combined various elements of decoration. Small cushions wrapped loom pillowcases accent colors give a cheerful right to turn shades of joyful Christmas.

The combination of elements also added by candle decoration and white Christmas tree as table ornaments as if emphasizing holy the feast with the use of white color. Modern christmas décor with contemporary theme feel so real with the placement of a pair of dry trees on either side of the sofa. Dry tree is made from the composition of long branches without leaves, given the accessory hanger like a Christmas tree.

Accessories strong lifting ethnic impression because it is made of materials or textiles in various forms, just like little dolls were hung everywhere. Although without leaves, dried tree form can also be used as inspiration Christmas tree at home. The impression is modern but Christmas atmosphere is still felt with various decoration elements around.

Applying the concept of modern christmas décor mean replacing some of the traditional elements used. Call it a wreath-circle shaped leaves that usually hang on the door or on the wall or the classic angel dolls. For example, a display table shaped angel no longer be dolls angel with the details and proportioned but it comes in the form of cartoon characters without a lot of detail in bright colors. Knacks scattered cheerful atmosphere of Christmas colorful.

Even the candle element that is commonly used as Christmas decorations have appeared contemporary with diverse forms, no longer simply shaped pillars. Just look at the pine tree-shaped candles in red and white, or sprinkled with glitter ball-shaped candle in classical motifs such as flowers. Candles holder are not only a bowl or a high one. Varied shapes of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, until the character of an angel The candle holder has a perforated pattern on the lid, making the candle flame glowed out in accordance with the shape of the holes. Using of candles in Christmas decorating is not new. Decorative candles include important elements for indoor Christmas decorations because it creates warmth. Candles on Christmas day also symbolizes hope, happiness, and rebirth. Candles color also many various. Beside red and green that usually use, there are available gold, silver and white color.