Home Library Decorating Ideas

Collecting so many books for a year or even many years will develop your idea and can add insight to develop. If you are a book lover, you might have a home library decorating ideas. And you want to create a small library or reading room in a corner of your house that could be a place for quiet reading and displaying all of your favorite book collection. Thus the angle will certainly feel like a paradise for book lovers. Utilizing an unused corner of the room, you can maximize its function into the reading corner. Although small, this place should be comfortable and classy. Bookshelf chosen according to the number of books and the size of the room, if possible racks can be made into the wall. In addition to saving space, it also can give the impression of a neat and concise in your reading room.
A sofa and small table can be used as a place to read, if not possible, you can use a small pillow as a friend to read a book. The usefulness of a table than to put the books could also to put drinks such as coffee or tea. And try to give a good light in the reading corner, both of light and of the window. Not only just in room corner, home library also can made together with another rooms. Such as living room, bed room even kitchen. With not too big size, your home library wll look so simple and artistic. There are some tips of library decorating ideas:

  • Check The Lighting Condition 
For lighting, you can use lamp that is placed on the back when it was reading. It makes you not tire quickly when reading. Place the lamp in locations that make the room spacious and comfortable.
  • Check Air Circulation
A cozy private library must have a good air circulation. This way also will guarantee your comfort while on personal library. Of course, hot air or airless is not the one you desire while reading a book or relax.

  • Concider The Books’ Humadity
By providing a gap between the bookcase and the wall can be easier for you to care for and maintain humidity book. Additionally, you can put the air conditioner so that the book remains supple.

  • Concider The Books Arrangement
One way to comfortably while reading books in private library is a neat arrangement of books. Therefore Arrange books in the bookcase in the correct place. Although the home library is not too large you can create a room which seemingly wide. One way, put a tiny bookcase and charged a lot. The book should be attached to the wall with density enough. The goal is the air flowing in the gap between the shelves and walls.

  • Choose The Unique Concept
Has a new concept not to be in a special room. However, you can put together a personal library to another room. Choosing a unique concept aims to not feel bored when you are reading a book or favourite novel. Beside that, the home library is a place that will you visit often.