Robotic Cleaner - New Hi-Tech Appliances for Home

We know that housework was no end. Start from wake up in the morning until go to bed at night, a housewife never out of housework. Sweeping, moping, cleaning dishes and clothes, cooking, preparing her husband and children’s equipment, gardening and so much more. You can imagine how hard your wife works everyday. Of course she is tired because she isn’t a robot that can’t feel tired or lazy even sick. And with this condition when your wife is sick, maybe your house will look untidy and not as clean as usual when your wife is healthy. You must prepare your office equipment and making breakfast by yourself. So this is why some people hire maid to do their housework. 
Beside hire maid, advances in technology have created some robots that can petrify the work of a mother in the household. More sophisticated the robot technology in the world, making numerous companies competing to make robots mainly for household robots. Making it easier for us to sweeping, mopping, washing and various other commands, without laboriously searching for a maid. Here, there are some best robotic cleaner for you know.

1.     Apripoco
Apripoco is a robot shaped like a turtle, these smart robots can help the housework like turning rice cooker, cooking water, and other homework. How to use it is simple by speaking commands to the this robot. And it will do what the owner command.

2.     Robot PR2
Company Willow Garage of Silicon Valley has been marketing the PR2 robot made by them. This robot has two arms holders, laser scanners and a lot of camera for folding clothes, serving drinks, clearing the table, to play billiards. When the battery is critical, it automatically searches for its own outlet and recharges the battery.

3.     RoboCleaner RC3000
This purifier that uses a combination floor broom and vacuum (vacuum) dust and dirt. With robotic technology, these tools can work automatically cleans the room perfectly without leaving dust on the floor or on the carpet. RoboCleaner also equipped with navigation tools and features sensors, so as to detect objects in the surrounding areas such as wiring, furniture and others. No need to worry will disturb your comfort, because the tool is also equipped with sensors that can detect stairs, so that it is not overturned.

4.     Herb
HERB (Home Exploring Robot Butler) may be a competitor of the housekeeper in the future because this robot is going to do a lot of household duties like washing dishes, take food until throw trash away. HERB developed by the Quality of Life Technology Center and Carnegie Mellon University to use six computers and a multitude of sensors to perform many tasks around the kitchen. In the demo shown how HERB took the drinks we asked for and then immediately gave (release drinks) at the time we approached the hands of the drink.

5.     Kojiro
Scientists at Tokyo University's JSK Robotics Laboratory, has created a humanoid robot named Kojiro, the unique is it can move in a natural fashion because it has a structure similar to the human skeleton and having an artificial spine. More sophisticated, there are about 100 tendon-like system that allows Kojiro more mobile. Sensors are added to a few joints and accelerometer and two gyroscopes to help balance the robot.

Leader of a team of scientists, Professor Nakanishi said, usability spine more flexible allowing Kojiro moved to do his homework. However, in one of the scientific paper, they write: "Currently normal humanoid robot is not suitable for work in our environment everyday. Lack of security and flexibility are the main reasons. Basic materials are hard and heavy robot can injure people or objects in the vicinity, and they can perform limited tasks compared to what humans do in our daily lives. "

Currently the scientists tested a small movement Kojiro using the game console controller. The team of scientists hope someday to be able to handle complex movements using the entire limb. Suppose it is true, someday you will find Kojiro serving breakfast. Those are awesome of the best robotic cleaner that may be you want to have it.