Wall Art

Plain wall of course boring. In order to seem more interesting and attractive, maybe you need to put motifs on it. First for this business, wallpaper became solution. However, as the development trend of interior design continues to evolve, arguably ancient wallpaper. The reason is, there is now wall decorating technique faster, practical, and gives a better end result. Wall art, that's the latest techniques create motifs on the wall. Than wallpaper, this installation faster and more practical. In addition, the it can also be reused many times and durable. The most appropriate solution for modifying the wall without using wallpaper is use this idea. With a size of 500 mm x 500 mm we can make the display livelier wall faster.

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The material itself is usually made of bamboo and processed in paper form. Beside color trick and various motifs, it has a three-dimensional view which is very interesting if applied to match your wall or ceiling. Moreover, when added little reflection of light, the atmosphere is presented will became livelier. Seeing the development of technology, design, and human needs are almost instantaneous, this is the perfect choice to be applied to the interior of your home. Wall art not only has an attractive appearance, the way to apply also easy, quick, and can be done alone without need of professionals, like papering. 
Actually, the material used is not much different from the wallpaper. Both are made of paper. The difference in terms of appearance and durability. Wall art is more dare to play a prominent display so it can create the impression of the original. The equipment needed to put up too easily obtained, such as scissors or cutter, ruler, fine sandpaper, paints, brushes, and cleaning sponge.

Wall art has several advantages than other types of wallcoverings. It has a display of three-dimensional (3D), the materials are also more durable than wallpaper. Not only that, this is also can be dismantled and reassembled without fear of damaging the wall and can be reused even after mangled. If you are bored with motif or color of them, don’t worry because you just simply change it without having to replace with a new one.

Few tips, if you are the type of person who gets bored easily, don’t too much giving the adhesive on the sheets. Give only at the ends and the middle, but not too much as well. That way, you can easily detach wall art and trying to replace a series of motives.

The easiest way to change the wall art is by replacing finishing with paint. For additional impression of rustic, modern, classical, or pop art, you can give the effect on its surface. Giving lighting or lighting effects, especially with spotlights can create different interesting effects.
Display wall art would be different if it is highlighted on the top, bottom, front, and side. Although the same as paper, it will not be damaged if splashed accidentally. You just need to dry it with a dry cloth. Innovation of material with modern technology produces that as a healthy choice of material for its eco design and answer the needs your interior. So, Do It Yourself Wall Art!